HDMI Extender over CAT6

Video Extenders (introduction)

Best Quality Video Extenders (HDMI, VGA, USB With or W/O KVM function)

Many AV installations usually require the displays of HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) signals or HDTVs to be at different zones from the central location of the audio & video source. The length formulates numerous challenges such as signal degradation, snowy screen, instability over an HDMI cable with maximum transfer distance at only 50 meters (162 feet). Such long HDMI cables are hard-to-find in the market, and even if you can get one, it usually not even worth the cost.
A HDMI extender is then the most cost-effective way to extend a video signal over long distances without breaking the bank. It enables HDMI signal to be transported over Ethernet Cat 5e / 6 / 7 cables using an HDMI Extender over CAT/LAN cable that consists of a Transmitter and a Receiver.
There are also other innovative solutions in the market now, to use HDMI extenders over Fiber Optic Cable, Coaxial Cable or even WiFi. Video extenders are not limited to HDMI but also VAG, USB and some others.