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CAT5e/Cat6/Cat7 Ethernet patch cables

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Patch cables are used to connect two or more “backbone” devices such as switch to switch, patch panel to switch, switch to PC, or even PC to PC. Patch cables not only send data signals, but also carry PoE or Power over Ethernet to power a remote device such as a stand alone WiFi Access Point.

Mode Conditioning Ethernet Patch Cable

At Star Link, We offer a variety of Ethernet patch cords including Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 and Cat8 with multiple choice of colors: white, blue, yellow, red, green, orange, purple and black. Various lengths are also available, ranging from 0.5 meter (1.64 ft) to 100 meter (328 ft).

Cat5e: 1 Gigabit network @ 100MHz
Cat6: 1 Gigabit network @ 250MHz
Cat6a: 10 Gigabit network @ 500MHz
Cat7: 10 Gigabit network @ 600MHz to 10,00Mhz
Cat8: 40 Gigabit network @ up to 2,500MHz

Conductors: 24AWG or 26AWG stranded bare copper

Color code:
pair1: blue ,white/blue
pair2: orange,white/orange
pair3: Green,white/Green
pair4: Brown,white/brown

Ripcord: under jacket
Jacket: pvc or LSZH
Standards: UL444/CSA-C22.2 No 214, Type CM, EIA/TIA-568A and EIA/TIA-568B.2, Horizontal cable

Cable Types:
UTP: Unshielded Twisted Pairs
FTP : Foiled Twisted Pairs
SFTP: Shielded and Foiled Twisted Pairs

Connectors for Ethernet Patch Cables:
Crystal RJ45 8P8C for UTP patch cables
Nickel plated RJ45 8P8C for shielded patch cables
Golden plated RJ45 8P8C for shielded patch cables